How to Deal With Mesothelioma Treatment Side Effects

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For people who have been infected by mesothelioma cancer, a treatment is something very important that they need to urgently take. As any other dangerous cancer treatment, there are some side effects after having some of mesothelioma cancer treatment, especially after having chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment, since simple surgery is not a typical action to remove a tumor as dangerous as mesothelioma. However, there are some ways that a mesothelioma patient can reduce the side effects of this treatment and become less uncomfortable.

  • First, find out if there are any alternative medicines (some alternative medicines have shown conflict to cancer treatment). Some alternative medicines can reduce pain without heavy prescription drugs so you don't need to bother drink a pile of drugs in one time.
  • Second, if you are using chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment, ask your doctor to give you painkiller in order to reduce the discomfort that you will feel after taking the treatment. You may face the fact that you have a very limited option in this matter, depending on what stage your mesothelioma is in, but there is always some form of pain reducer that available.
  • Third, you need to understand that nausea, hair loss, fatigue, bruising and sores are common side effects while you have a chemotherapy treatment. As time go by this side effects will eventually disappear once you completed chemotherapy treatment.
  • Forth, Ask your doctor if there are any specific side effects  in relation to the medicine that were given to you during your chemotherapy treatment. Some side effects are generally occur for some specific medicine, while others are less common.