The Symptoms

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Unfortunately the early stage of mesothelioma generally cant be detected, it happen after 30 to 50 years after asbestos exposure, but the less common symptoms of mesothelioma are fever, weight loss, night sweats, abdomen swelling, nausea, anemia, feet swelling, and bowel obstruction.

The most common symptom of mesothelioma is Pleural Effusion, Pleural Effusion is the gathering of fluid that happen in the pleura that covering the chest wall and diaphragm, and the pleura that cover the lungs. In a normal conditions both this pleural can produce a small amount of fluid that can act as a lubricant between the lung and the chest wall. To maintain balance, if this fluid exceed, it will then absorb by lymph vessels and by blood. Effusion happen when too much fluid forms.

There are two types of Pleural Effusion, the first one is exudates pleural effusion the second one is transudate pleural effusion. Exudates pleural effusion is very common in mesothelioma, this pleural effusion happen because the fluid contain many cells and proteins that is resulted from disease of the pleura itself and often its color is cloudy, while Transudate pleural effusion happen when a clear fluids forms as a result of imbalance in normal production and removal of the fluids. Many Transudate pleural effusion happen as a result of congestive heart failure.