What should a mesothelioma patients ask their doctor

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Too little informations about mesothelioma make a patient confused of what to do when they heard their doctor diagnosed them by this cancer, sometime this kind of situation can make a patient feel depressed, this could lead into more complex situation and may turn very bad for the patient. Thats why the patient, at this point should not hesitate to ask their doctor a few but important question such as :

  • What type of mesothelioma did i get ?
  • What stage does my mesothelioma at ?
  • Can my mesothelioma stage be cure ? if not
  • How many months/ years / days i have left ?
  • What kind of treatment should i take ?
  • How long does this treatment will take ?
  • Is there any side effects in this treatment ?
  • How much will this treatment cost me ?
  • Is there any other option to other kind of treatment  such as acupuncture or other kind of alternative medication that can help me cure this cancer?
Remember that the more information you have about this disease the more prepared you are for what going to happen to you in the future, bear in mind that you have the rights to ask all the informations about this cancer, so if you are a mesothelioma patient do not forget to ask your doctor about this questions.